Yoni- toxic free sanitary products

The reason you are visiting this blog is surely because you’re interested in cruelty free and organic makeup. But did you ever wonder about what’s in your sanitary products? Probably not because I didn’t really think about it either. Until I found this.

YONI sanitary supplies
YONI sanitary supplies


Now, I’m obviously not a doctor but I don’t think I have to be in order to feel worried about what Mariah is saying in that video. And I get angry listening to this at the same time, as I feel like we should be protected from harsh chemicals. The sad truth is: if you are serious about your health, you have to take it into your own hands. This involves quite some time and research but in the case of sanitary products you hardly have a chance to find out what’s inside as the chemicals used aren’t even listed on the package!

So not only do most of the commonly used sanitary product brands test on animals, they use chemicals to bleach the tampons and pads on top of that! Without telling us. What the duck, right?! So for me the logical step was to put my money where my mouth is and switch to brands that don’t use all these nasties and don’t support the cruel business of testing on animals.

One of the brands I found is called YONI. They offer tampons and sanitary pads in different sizes.

Now, being used to the toxic containing options it was a change at first. Coming from using tampons that have a silky surface layer to ease the insertion, it was definitely a change switching to the organic cotton version. But I quickly got used to it and I don’t feel the difference now to be honest. I’m just happy to know that one of the most absorbent parts of my body isn’t exposed to harsh toxins, plastic and other ingredients that don’t belong there. Just like Yoni says on their website:

Chemicals are not for pussies!

Now, of course Yoni isn’t the only brand out there. You can check your local organic supermarket or health-food store to see what their toxin free options are. I’m just happy that Mariah, the founder of Yoni care raises awareness for this subject as I didn’t about what’s insight tampons till I found her speech.

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