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Today we are talking about the Anastasia Brow Gel in Brunette. Anastasia has become the Browtastic Queen and I have been curious for long to see why. What’s especially pleasing about this brand is that they offer vegan makeup as well. Unfortunately this brow gel isn’t one of them though since it contains carmine.

Since I am quite the lazy gal on the day to day basis with my make up (the faster, the better), I opted to try the tinted brow gel. It has been challenging to figure out what colour to get out of the seven, ranging from blonde to chocolate. I opted for brunette, as I am a brunette (great logic). This lightweight formula does give a tingle of sparkle as well as colour, and sometimes this creates a visible glistening on your brow. Brows are perfectly combed into place and stay like that throughout the day, feeling and looking very natural and soft. There have been other brow gels I tried out which created a crust on the brow hairs – this one does no such thing. With just a few strokes you quickly get a filled in, clean brow. As my brows are quite thick, I prefer just to give them definition and coloration, and this is exactly the type of product for that.


  • very quick and easy to use
  • great pigmentation,¬†even gives a sparkle
  • fills in brows and combs the hairs into place
  • no uncomfortable feeling on brows when using


  • as the colour is strong, it could be tricky to find one that suits you best considering the limited choice


5 out of 5 melons! MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon

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