The Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist by Giovanni

When you google a little on cruelty free/ vegan hair care, Giovanni is one of the brands that quickly comes up.

The Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist by Giovanni
The Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist by Giovanni

I used one of their shampoos already -review coming shortly – and quite liked it. In addition, Giovanni’s hair care products are affordable.  About the heat protectant spray: it’s from Giovanni’s Ultra-Sleek line. They have two different kinds -one for blow drying and one for flat-iron styling. Since I let my hair air dry I only used the flat-iron one. I’m not a huge fan of the smell, it’s a little artificial for my taste. I apply it to my dry hair and brush through to distribute it well. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky yet I feel like it does leave a small residue in the hair. Other than that it does the job and protects my hair from heat. It claims to be moisturising and detangling, but I did not really feel much of that. Which I don’t mind too much. It seems like these days a heat protectant can’t be just a heat protectant anymore. Instead it has to be a multifunctional 5 in 1 product. 😉

Overall the spray is getting the job done but it didn’t win my heart over.

The Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist by Giovanni
The Ultra-Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist by Giovanni



  • paraben free
  • solid heat protectant spray


  • artificial smell
  • I didn’t feel the moisturising/ detangling effect


It’s a solid product but I’m not loving it,

MelonMelonMelon  3 out of 5 melons from me

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  1. Huuuuge con: it’s not silicone free. Using heat protecting products that’s contain silicone is more harmful than not using anything at all. It basically burns into your hair and make split ends in a split second (see what I did there? 😉

        1. You’re right! I also have mixed feelings on silicones, so I researched a little. Amodimethicone doesn’t seem as bad as other silicones though luckily:
          Another source claims: “Silicones, including amodimethicone, also protect from thermal damage resulting from styling tools, such as hot rollers, curling irons, and blow dryers. This phenomenon is due to their very low thermal conductivity — much lower than water, glycerin, or mineral oil. This reduces heat transfer through the hair surface to the cortex of the hair. Very high temperatures found when styling or processing hair (sometimes as high as 100°C to 160°C) are capable of vaporizing water contained within the cortex. It is extremely important to maintain proper hydration of the hair because water has a very high specific heat which helps protect the hair from getting too hot. Hair that reaches too high temperatures can suffer permanent damage to the delicate keratin fibrils in the cortex. A protective layer of amodimethicone on the surface can help prevent or reduce damage done in this manner.” source:
          Sorry, that was a long one 😉
          So yeah, tricky business… But as I mentioned in the post, I’m not loving this product anyway. I will use it up and go on the hunt for a nice natural alternative- silicone free 🙂

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