The Angel Mask by Kevin Murphy

I bought the Angel Mask from Kevin Murphy at my hair salon. It’s my first time trying a product from this brand but I heard good things about it.

First of all: the smell is amazing! A mix of wild flowers and herbal tea, probably related to the lotus flower and bamboo extracts contained. It has a very rich and creamy texture. I apply two walnut sized pumps of product. Instead of the recommended 5-10 minutes I leave the mask in as long as possible to get maximum usage out of it. Lazy Sundays are the perfect time for this mask. Sip your tea, read a book or browse through you favourite beauty blogs while letting the Angel Mask work it’s magic. After about an hour I rinse my hair and can immediately feel how much softer it is. Make sure to rinse out your hair properly since this product is very rich and could leave residue. I feel like this mask really moisturises and softens my hair and since I have very dry hair, this is just what I need. With about 32€ for 200 ml/ 7 oz of product this mask is not cheap, yet I feel like it gets the job done nicely and makes my hair feel and look better. One thing I didn’t try yet is to massage the mask into scalp and hair for 5 to 10 minutes as recommended on the website. I’ll let you know if I can see any difference by massaging the product into my hair.


  • softens and moisturises the hair
  • Paraben free
  • smells amazing


MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon  5 out of 5 melons!

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