Regenerating Night Cream by Madara

Come the negative degrees temperatures, come the heavier moisturisers! Today we will introduce the Madara Regenerating Night Cream. This product contains some great ingredients – jojoba oil, avocado oil, rose flower water, sea buckthorn fruit extract, calendula, camomile, hyaluronic acid, among others.

The formula is lightweight and has a pleasant light grassy smell (smells very similar to their tinting fluid). As always when trying a new cream, I was scared that it would clog the pores, but the formula is so easily absorbed that this was an empty concern. I even use it during the day, as it goes great under make up.

However, right as I opened the packaging and tried using the pump, it didn’t budge, not even a bit. I had to actually peel off the cap and shake the package to get some squirts of product on my hand, and continue to do so every time I want to use it.

This is annoying. I wish the company would have invested more in developing the packaging. What could be more tiresome than having a nice product that is simply out of reach and thus wasted, which you spend more time getting out of the package then applying? I will try to shake what I can out, but undoubtedly a lot of the cream will just be thrown away.


  • good ever day moisturiser
  • nice smell
  • lightweight – good for oilier skin tones, might be too light for dry skin


  • packaging


In some cases the outside matters as much as what’s inside, and for this reason this product gets:

two out of five melons  MelonMelon

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