Popcorn Lip Scrub by Lush

Have you ever looked at a product and wondered “Why on earth would anyone ever feel like this is a necessity to the skincare regimen?! Where are we going as mankind?”...This is what I always thought about BUYING lip scrubs. Not lip scrubs in general, but the idea of paying money for what is essentially sugar and a bit of oil. There are many DIY lip scrub recipes (that we will try out in the future and tell you about), but at the moment let’s talk about the popcorn scrub by Lush.

This sweet indulgence I got as a birthday present from my flatmates. The main ingredients are sugar, salt, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and some flavourings (such a small ingredient list! So simple!). You take a tiny amount and scrub it all over your lips till you feel that tingly burn – it is hard to not get sugar all over the floor at this point, as it just rolls off your lips. Whatever doesn’t fall to the ground you lick off and eat. It is a synthetic, sweet salty taste that I very much like, although I can see how this is not for all. Although the oils in the paste moisturize your lips, I noticed that applying moisturizer afterwards is much better as you end up with lips that are both silky and smooth. Without moisturiser lips end up even drier the next day!!

In this cold season this is a nice little thing to do before going to bed, as lips tend to become quite chapped. However, I didn’t notice a large difference and probably wouldn’t use this as often if it didn’t taste so good! Definitely not a product I would purchase for myself, as these types of scrubs seem to be fun to make at home. By the way if anyone has a tested recipe for this give us a shout.


  • tasty
  • fun to apply
  • helps scrub off chapped lips


  • messy
  • waste of money
  • drying if not followed by moisturiser


MelonMelon 2 out of 5 melons

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