Our vision

In short: a world that runs by the principles of happiness and sustainability.

Our idea of a better future is a world where people are supporting each other and care for the animals and nature that surrounds them. Ask yourself: What can you do today to make this world a nicer place to live in and at the same time make myself a happier human being? Take action! Nope, we are not talking about tomorrow, we are all fabulous in procrastinating. Do something today that creates positive changes. How? One of the easiest ways to start is by reflecting on your purchase decisions.

Our choices as a consumer play a crucial role in this. Our money is our vote: towards or against a certain product. If you buy something, you support the company that produces the product and the industry behind it. So shop consciously! Whether you buy cosmetics, do the groceries or go for a shopping trip with friends. If something is super cheap, chances are, it’s not really good for you or someone else along the line had to pay the price of your savings. You have a choice everyday on what to support and what to reject, so use it wisely. For your personal feel-good moment and the planet.

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