Obagi Professional C Serum

How does vitamin C benefit our skin? When incorporated into your skin care routine, it can greatly reduce hyper-pigmentation, boost collagen production and reduce inflammation. On top of that, it can increase the effectiveness of your sunscreens.

However, despite the tons of usefulness that vitamin C provides, it’s hard to find products in which ascorbic acid is formulated well, in a form that is truly beneficial. On top of this, it is air and light sensitive, thus making it extremely unstable. This can make a highly promising product turn into rubbish, adding nothing to your skin routine except placebo¬†hype.

Professional-C Serum


Obagi’s Professional C serum 20%, albeit expensive, overcomes all the aforementioned obstacles. 5 drops in the evening, followed by your daily moisturiser, on problematic areas (scars, acne, wrinkles..you name it!) and you will instantly see results. Dark glass packaging protects vitamin c from light and the applicator let’s you control exactly how many drops you take. My skin has become firmer and clearer just after a few days usage. I would highly recommend this product for it’s active form of vitamin C (you can also see a vitamin C product going bad by it’s changing color and smell).

Of course Obagi do not test on animals. 10% and 15% are also available, but I always like to go in for the big kick straight away! Please keep in mind though that you have to wear SPF when using this and do not use daily if the skin is starting to flake!



  • extremely effective – instant results – firm, even-toned skin


  • expensive
  • can cause irritation if used too much – moisturise and ‘SPFsize’!
  • can become unstable if not kept properly – don’t leave in heat and light


MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons

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