Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

Best Skin Ever – Seabuckthorn is an all-natural mix of the essential oils – seabuckthorn, golden jojoba, virgin coconut, tamanu, lavender, vetiver, grapefruit, and palmarosa – crafted into one kick ass product that can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, and exfoliator.


Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn
Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

How can one product serve so many purposes you ask? Well, it’s because it’s an oily oily oiled up affair. You can add a few squirts to a damp wash cloth and massage the face to take the day off, you can mix a few drops with your favourite lotion, or simply use it on its own as a moisturiser. Now that the cold winds and low temperatures are poking their head in Europe, I decided to give this blend a try to keep the skin from cracking! My skin is quite oily and gets easily congested but using this once a day before bed has so far been very nourishing, evening out skin tone and balancing the skin lipid layers. The only downside is the smell – as with all potent essential oils you must be prepared for your face to smell like you have been lying face down in a pile of plants all day (and this one is still a mild version!) which is fine for me but the boyfriend doesn’t appreciate. (ah, men!).


  • all natural mix of essential oils – an extremely large variety of health benefits
  • can be used as a cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliator
  • pretty glass packaging


  • the smell! Although much more mild than other essential oil mixes is still not for everyone
  • LivingLibations is based in Canada – hence not so readily available in other parts of the world

MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons

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