I got inspired to do this Empties series by some of my favourite Youtubers. What I love about Empties is that all featured products are actually used up the which allows me to give you guys a proper feedback on how I liked them. One some of the mentioned products we wrote in-depth reviews already, which I will link. Yet I feel like my opinion on some of the products changed a bit over the course of me using them up.

With no further ado let’s dive right in. I’ll go through the products from left to right as seen in the photo. 😉


1. bareMinerals Original Foundation – All in all I liked the foundation. It was the first mineral powder foundation I purchased. The colour I chose wasn’t a 100% match for me, a little too red. In the review I wrote last year I gave this mineral foundation 4 out of 5 melons. But since then I tested a couple of other mineral powders and liked them better. So one melon less for bareMinerals Original foundation:

MelonMelonMelon 3 out of 5 melons.

2. Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil from Pai  – I did a review on this baby last year and did not change my mind on it. This facial oil lives up to its hype and I can recommend this one to you guys with good conscience:
MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon 5 out of 5 melons.

3. Salt of the Earth Spray – I really like this product. It’s affordable and really effective. For me this odorless spray works much better than any conventional deodorants I have tried.

MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon 5 out of 5 melons!

4. Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask for combination skin from The Body Shop – Loved this mask! It does a great job clarifying the skin! It smells amazing and works. Be sure to moisturize properly after using this mask since it dries out the skin quite a bit. They changed the packaging now so don’t let this confuse you. 😉 I would repurchase this mask but I am also on the hunt for a more ‘natural’ version of this, with less ingredients.
MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons.


5. Moroccanoil Treatment – I love the smell of this – gorgeous and soothing. That being said I am not sure how much it did for my hair. It contains silicones and after using it religiously (I purchased the big bottle and got this small one for free) I didn’t see a big improvement. The biggest issue I’m having though is that Moroccanoil changed their policy: once I purchased this product they were cruelty-free, now they started selling to mainland China, which requires animal testing by law. So sadly, Moroccanoil is not a cruelty-free brand anymore. Definitely won’t repurchase this!
Melon 1 out of 5 melons…



6. Angel Masque by Kevin Murphy – I can honestly say that since I reviewed this hair mask my love for it only grew. I think that every hair type benefits from using this but especially those of you with thick coarse hair like mine should give this treatment a go. I leave this mask in my hair much longer than the recommended 5-10 minutes and as a result my hair is much softer and more manageable than it would usually be:
MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon 5 out of 5 melons!


7. Body Deodorant Spray by Crystal – This was the first mineral salt deodorant spray that I gave a shot. I wanted to make the switch from usual sprays to mineral salt sprays after I read about the negative effects commonly used sprays have on our ozone layer. I was on the hunt for a deodorant that was free of aluminium. However, as I mentioned in my review of this spray it contains Potassium Alum. Apparently this ingredient isn’t as harmful as  aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride, aluminum hydroxybromide or aluminum zirconium, ingredients commonly used in conventional deodorants. Still, this product didn’t convince me 100% so I purchased the Salt of the Earth Spray– which I like better. MelonMelonMelon 3 out of 5 melons.

8. Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation by Tarte – Three months back I reviewed this foundation on the blog. I like it better then the bareMinerals one. I rated it 5 out of 5 melons and I am confident that you guys would like the product. However, I heard some critique regarding some of the ingredients. So I am currently on the hunt for a mineral foundation that has no additives. I’m not that picky when it comes to lipsticks or eyeshadows but when it comes to my skin I’m getting more and more picky for some reason. I will report back once I found my Holy Grail mineral foundation. 😉
MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons.


9. Oxygenating Cream by Naobay – This cream left me feeling a bit indifferent. I can’t really say whether I liked it or not. It did it’s job in moisturizing the skin, the smell isn’t the bomb.com though. I like it though that some of their ingredients are organic.
MelonMelonMelon 3 out of 5 melons.


10. Natural Mascara by PHB –  Since reviewing this products last November I didn’t change my opinion regarding this product. The PHB mascara is still by far my favourite natural vegan mascara!
MelonMelonMelonMelonMelon 5 out of 5 melons for this baby!

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