Dr. Bonner’s Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

18-in-1 – use it as a body wash, hair wash, toothpaste, clean your pets, clean your floor, clean your dishes…Is this beginning to sound like an infomercial? Nope! This is just the description of Dr.Bonner’s All-in-One Castille Soap. At first I thought it was a joke, I mean, look at this instructional suggestion:

Laundry? Mop floor? Wash dog?! Get rid of bugs and wash your hair simultaneously?! Maybe I am too old fashioned when it comes to soaps but this sounds a bit…too far? Or maybe back in the old days life was simpler…Gosh I sound like such a millennial.

I’ll disappoint you now – I haven’t gone far enough to test this even as far as on hair, never mind on my non-existent dog. However, I was curious to research what composition does this product have that makes it so versatile. Apparently, it is because it is three times more concentrated and because it is composed of a mixture of coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oil and glycerin. Most companies exclude glycerin to sell separately, but not Dr. Bonner! A company that is very caring for it’s employees, ethical and fair-trade. Reading the company’s mission has made me feel warm inside, as this is the kind of ethos we should support as consumers.

Now, to the practical part…I have tried to dilute this soap 1:3 with water, as well as using it straight out of a bottle, but I found the undiluted version better to use for body wash. You only need one drop and it’s enough to get you squeaky clean. In fact, so clean that your skin feels dry  – that feeling that you get from using old-school soaps. In addition, I love the strong almond smell. It’s important to note that my flatmates who tried this soap didn’t appreciate the drying watery consistency so who knows…maybe I am still using it wrong!

Overall, I would repurchase, as a little goes a LONG way…(I won’t try it as toothpaste though!!)


  • smells great
  • long long long lasting
  • gets you squeaky clean


  • confusing as to how to use properly..diluted, undiluted, etc, what’s happening
  • leaves skin very dry
  • watery and so hard to spread without loosing half through your fingertips


MelonMelonMelon  3 out of 5 melons, mostly because I am confused as to how to use this properly.

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