DIY Banana Mask for Hair and Skin

Every time I meet a person who doesn’t like banana I am amazed – how can you not love this delicious fruit which is not only a great snack but also the base for so many delicious desserts! The other day I was reading about all the benefits of putting banana on your face. It’s a fruit high in potassium, zinc, vitamins B, C, E, which are all great for nourishing skin with moisture, anti-aging, pimple zapping, oil control qualities. I added a squirt of lemon for the extra exfoliation and brightening effect.

Ingredients: 1 ripe banana and squirt of a lemon

Mash together, spread on your face for 20 minutes. Make sure not to move around much as this can easily slide off your face! I recommend lying down on the couch, with your back inclined on a nice fluffy pillow. You don’t end up using much, so refrigerate whatever mash is left and try to use it up within one week…Or do as I did and smudge the rest over your hair – banana will aid in strengthening damaged hair and lemon will slightly brighten it. Rinse it off after 20 minutes.

Don’t be too quick to throw away the banana peel! Rubbing it on an inflamed area (a zit or even hyper pigmentation) and leaving it on for one hour or to overnight will help bring back the clearest skin! No joke, check it out.

Need I say more? One banana in your tummy is good, second banana on your face even better!!


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