Better Than Sex Mascara by TooFaced

Searching for a good vegan mascara is a real challenge and consequently everyone who does so stumbles across the memorably named Better than Sex mascara by two faced. It has been named a wonder product and best mascara of 2016 by the Huffington Post. Of course with all this fuss both of us melons had to try it and give you a two-in-one special review!

I (Natalia) ordered it via Amazon, as TwoFaced is a hard brand to find in Europe. Beautiful pink packaging, a promise of a wondrous lash… On application it did indeed lengthen the lashes dramatically, but at the same time also created a lot of lumps. Okay, well maybe it’s still worth it, considering the long lash effect. However, after wearing it for two/three hours it started to smudge, and rather than creating a dramatic lash effect it created a dramatic racoon face effect. Of course, Natalia was in denial that such a hyped mascara could be so crappy so she decided to continue using it…Fortunately the formula dries out quite fast and becomes harder and harder to apply, getting clumpier with time…and this is only after a little less than two months use! All in all, dramatic lashes yes, but at the cost of clumps and smudging, definitely not worth repurchasing, especially for such a high price!

Disappointing, especially because it is so hyped up. I award it 2 out of 5 melons! MelonMelon


I (Theresa) was also crazy excited to try this product. I got my hands on it when browsing through Sephora in Spain. I had high hopes for this mascara because it got so much internet rave! I love the effect it creates: my lashes get thick and black and very voluminous. The product lasts all day but it creased on me when I use cream-based products such as concealer or cream eye shadows. I had a couple of unpleasant bathroom check-ups when I found myself looking like a panda. First world problems I know, still unpleasant when taking the price of this mascara into consideration. After wearing this product the whole day I can feel my eyes drying up and itching. I realised that this itching sensation wasn’t there when using another mascara the next day.

All in all I don’t quite understand the hype to be honest. The Better Than Sex mascara creates big voluminous lashes but it creases throughout the day and makes my eyes itch. Mehhhhhh…

MelonMelon 2 out of 5 melons from me as well!


*BTW, TwoFaced has been recently sold to Estée Lauder, a brand that sells its products in China (a country that require animal testing by law). According to PETA TwoFaced remains cruelty-free though which is a huge plus! 🙂  We’ll give some of their other products a whirl!


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