Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science

I feel like eye cream is one of the most underrated skin care products. Most girls I know don’t use any. To me, eye creams are little beauty wonders and I use them day and night.

Not only do they help me feeling refreshed and awake in the morning, they also moisturise the delicate under eye area. Another benefit of using eye cream: it makes applying undereye concealer less of a hassle. When the eye area is nicely moisturised concealer smooths over the skin easier and is less likely to crease into fine lines. Besides, more hydration means less wrinkles. Good news for all the ladies who have anti aging effects high on their skin care agendas! Now that I practically talked you into stocking up your bathroom shelfs with eye creams, let me introduce you to the one I currently use and love: the Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science.

The Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science
The Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science

The most unusual thing about this cream is its colour: sky blue. The blue colour is supposed to cancel out any under eye redness.

I found it for a good deal on iherb: where it costs around €11/ $12. The pot contains 21 ml/ 0.7 oz of cream which will last you a very long time. I only use a small amount each morning. The directions state that you can use the eye cream day and night. The cream has quite a rich, thick consistency yet it sinks in very quickly and doesn’t feel too fatty on the skin.  

The Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science
The Azulene Eye Cream by Earth Science



  • moisturises the under eye area
  • helps with redness and puffiness
  • affordable eye cream with natural ingredients


  • contains beeswax, is therefore not vegan


I’m really happy with this eye cream by Earth Science!

MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons

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