Rosewater – a magical hydrosol that you can use on your face, hair, body and everywhere in between (wherever that could be). I’ve been gifted a small bottle a couple months back (available from Ceano Cosmetics) and love to use it as a face mist whenever I need a little moisture surge anti-inflammatory combo.

organic rose water is a very versatile product
organic rose water is a very versatile product


So why use this on your face? It’s antibacterial, helps soothe acne and eczema, calming, moisturizing and even helps heal scars! You can also use it on your hair to give it strength and to fight dandruff. All in all, a win-win-win situation no matter how you look.  You can buy rosewater from a wide variety of shops (for example here is a great one at LoveLula) or better yet make some yourself!

All you need to do is place two handfuls of fresh rose petals in boiling water, leave to boil for 15 minutes, strain to get rid of the petals and Voila! Keep refrigerated and use up, as this doesn’t last very long.

Personally, I prefer using this instead of the traditional drug-store toner, as a substitute for water in powdered face masks and to set my make up before I leave home. Sometimes it’s just nice to spray for a mid-day pick me up.


  • good for your whole body as its activities range from moisturizing to antibacterial, natural and simple


  • can be quite expensive to always buy from stores as it gets used up so easily


MelonMelonMelonMelon 4 out of 5 melons!

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