Obagi Professional C Serum

How does vitamin C benefit our skin? When incorporated into your skin care routine, it can greatly reduce hyper-pigmentation, boost collagen production and reduce inflammation. On top of that, it can increase the effectiveness of your sunscreens.

However, despite the tons of usefulness that vitamin C provides, it’s hard to find products in which ascorbic acid is formulated well, in a form that is truly beneficial. On top of this, it is air and light sensitive, thus making it extremely unstable. This can make a highly promising product turn into rubbish, adding nothing to your skin routine except placebo hype.

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The Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil by Pai

I got into the habit of using night-oils about a year ago. My skin is more on the oily side so before knowing about the benefits of facial oils I was really scared of using them. Often suffering from breakouts I assumed that if I used facial oils my skin would produce even more grease. So instead I was stripping my skin’s natural oils through harsh face washes and alcohol-containing toners. I assumed that this was a necessary step to get rid of my blemishes. But rather the opposite effect occurred. In order to restore the natural protective layer that silly me washed away with strong cleansers, my skin overproduced talc and oil. It wasn’t until I implemented a night oil into my evening skincare routine that this overproduction of oil stopped. As my skin got enough fatty acids (the building blocks of our skin) and other nurturing ingredients through the night oil it did not need to produce more oil on top of that.

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