Date tart

Knowing that I’m vegan, my omnivore friends made this dessert for me on a dinner party. Now, 3 months later I was still dreaming about this heavenly dish so I asked them for the recipe. When I remade the tart at home it tasted just as good as I remembered. And the nice person that I am, I’m letting you in on a real treat today and share the recipe with you 😉

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The MelonMondays-smoothie

This is hands down the tastiest thing I ever came up with! I made it when it was steaming hot outside and all I craved was watermelon – what else could a MelonMondays girl want 😉

It’s a perfect drink for summer.


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Salad ships

First of all: can we all take a moment to appreciate how cute these look? 🙂

I saw a salad picture on my Instagram feed the other day and got inspired to make these. Usually I am not a salad person but I really enjoy it’s crunchy texture. These salad ships are great as finger food on parties, as a side snack at a BBQ or as a snack on hot summer days when you’re feeling the vibe of something juicy.

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